Traveling abroad and taking a walk in the nearby park


Traveling abroad and taking a walk in the nearby park

For me, one and a half hours of use of the Internet is limited
Working long hours on the Internet is overworked
I think there are only a few global topics of interest and no local information is needed
I think it is important not to input extra information

Overseas migration is more efficient than overseas travel

Traveling abroad is too much entertainment for me
Looking at historic buildings does not make a substantial profit
I’m not good at using Internet for a long time
Take regular walks and participate in the community
I think foreigners, foreigners and people who like foreign cultures should migrate abroad
I think that it is good if I acquire practical skills in my home country, find an overseas job, issue a labor visa, and move abroad

Northeast Asia Current Status

China, North Korea, South Korea and Japan are not a livable environment
The characteristics of Chinese, Korean and Japanese are basically the same
Anyway, Northeast Asian countries are defined as belonging to an area isolated from the world
I think Europe and North American countries are the focus of most people around the world
Communication with Northeast Asians of closed nature is complicated
After all I think that I must understand that mass media and actual statistical analysis are different
Northeast Asian tourists are more likely to travel in Europe
An unusually large number of Korean videos posted when you look at Youtube
I think Korea is a special country and not a well-rounded environment
Therefore, it can be judged that most Koreans have a strong tendency to advance overseas

Free roundtrip air ticket with over $ 1000

I have traveled to Europe once
I traveled to France alone in summer 2012 and spent 10 days in Europe
Round trip air ticket used Finland airport for $ 1300
The cost of stay was $ 800 and all the food was just bread and ham
I clearly remember that I was very disappointed with the cultural and environmental differences between my own country and Europe
I returned home and I became ill
I’m disappointed with the cool climate in Europe and the hot and humid climate in Japan
Anyway, I had the worst experience
On the other hand, I think it is good for Americans and Europeans to travel to Asia
First of all, ordinary Europeans can not feel the livability of Asian countries
It is best to make overseas travel destinations to Northeast Asian countries
However, I think that it is nonsense that the foreign migration destination is Northeast Asian countries

Overseas travel is an entertainment for American rich people

Certainly I think traveling abroad is a pleasant pastime
But there are conditions for traveling abroad
I feel that having a stable income source is the minimum condition
In my case, if you want to travel abroad, watch videos on Youtube’s travel abroad
You can watch videos for free and try to simulate

The point where people other than rich choose to travel abroad is that the cultural and economic gap with their own country is small

Southeast Asian countries are the best travel destinations for Northeast Asians

EU countries are best if you travel in the EU countries

These things are just my personal point of view

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