Turkey emigration


Turkey emigration

Turkey’s price is one fifth of Japan’s.
I think you have to do accurate calculations to emigrate overseas.
What I think most about overseas migration is work.
It is not difficult to move abroad if you undertake an honest job.
But do you think you can continue your job without skills?
The pattern of resigning after months or years is clear.
What does it mean to get a job in Turkey?

Why consider Turkey as a destination

Pro-European regions like Istanbul are developing.
The region located in the southern part of Turkey has not developed economically.
In other words, it is difficult to live in the Turkish capital of Ankara.
Anyway, cheap prices and currency value are the biggest reasons.
Asians can feel exotic and the Turkish ethnicity is very diplomatic.
I feel attractive in a different atmosphere from East Asian countries like Japan, which has a strong sense of closure.

Marriage visa

It’s impossible for me to get a Turkish company to sponsor.
Marriage visas are the only way for people without huge assets or skills to emigrate.
You can’t have the time and money to go to college or graduate school to get the advanced skills needed to get a work visa.

Unchanged taste

It defines that human tastes never change.
I can change my heart, but I can’t basically change my personality.
I think that people living together with various humans have to struggle.
Living in Japan or Turkey can cause suffering and sorrow in life.
I myself cannot yet accept my destiny.
And I have not been able to give up on immigration completely.
But I myself is confused by Internet information.
It is my desire to change this same taste.
If I can change this taste, I will be released from my current mental suffering.

Creative activity in Turkey

I am currently working on the Internet while working part-time.
There is no plan to connect it to commerce.
But I want to change my environment and pursue my hobby.
Fake marriage with a Turkish woman is nonsense.
However, it is very important that you temporarily reside in your destination country before emigrating.
About two years later, he plans to temporarily stay in a cheap country like Turkey as a tourist visa.
Creating in this immutable environment feels pointless.
For me the real purpose of emigration is to gain new sensitivity.

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