Turkish people & yasunari

The nation turkey for me is….

Overall, the home expenses of Turkish a day is …

One day, I was starving to death. Then I try to take a look at some food’s shop. That was kebab.

Kebab is kind of world’s populous food and young people can eat one on my way to back home from school.

Many times I had seen those people who works at Turkish restaurant in central city side and they all Turkish who lives in my country is nice person and friendly to everyone.

What about the economical condition of turkey is actually I guessing that it seem depressing trend slightly asa long as I know that by global broadcasts. My thought that is going to be my second home town in next decades years.

What a hell is going on?

Honestly it doesn’t matter that nothing to loose is about challenging to move to turkey as long as being youth age however there is certainly surrounding discards which was made regulation by us government this year.

How could I living countryside make a successful with millions of followers, spanning the globe?

  • A poignant return to the past, with applicable lessons for today and the future.
  • It was one of happiest moments of my life, met a good persons who’s names are Yusuf, Niley.
  • Sunday morning, I awaked up at 3 am due to felt asleep last night.

How do you feel like going out of house in early morning to see someone on holidays?

For example, on a turkey foreign visitor, you should meet a Syrian citizen who wants a subsidy. I can help them.I want to find an apartment first. People who are interested need to go out to foreign cultures as soon as possible within 90 days.


  1. Student visa
  2. Temporary residence visa
  3. Permanent residence visa
  4. Fiance visa

There are 4 optional on legal and need to supports of Turkish employer for getting visa.

Not student and finance visa to me.

Within 90 days, I can be staying turkey.

It depends on my realistic skills for finding a job in a Turkish company.

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