Two remaining overseas trips


Two remaining overseas trips

This is my personal story and I’m thinking about the other two overseas destinations.
I am in my 30s and have not traveled abroad yet.
In my twenties I went to France, Finland and the UK.
He has lived overseas for over seven years.
He decides to travel abroad once in his 30s.
Its purpose is to conduct a survey to migrate abroad and to find employment locally.
Of course, you enter the country as a tourist visa, but not for overseas travel.
This is to prepare for and emigrate overseas.

Candidates in Middle East or Europe

China and South Korea are foreign countries, but the two countries are in the same cultural territory, and there is almost no intercultural feeling.
I don’t think there is much environment in Southeast Asia for infrastructure development and creative activities.
I have no knowledge of the culture and situation in the Oceania area.
The United States and Canada in North America are immigrant nations, but feel that they have little opportunity to exert their own unique identity.
He says that his chemistry with Latin America is not very good. I have experienced collisions with South Americans through real experience. I think it is especially difficult for them to sympathize with my sensitivity and personality.
I am worried about the development of creative activities in my actual life in Africa. I am worried about injury or illness.
This is not a negative decision.
However, it is a necessary source of information to determine an appropriate second activity field.
The aim is not to seek entertainment in the mood of tourism, but to pursue new arts and activate activities.

Middle East

I realize that the Middle East situation is different from the real Middle East world.
As an East Asian, I cannot be sentimental to the problems that are occurring in the Middle East.
So I don’t have the feeling of being sentimental to other countries’ problems and I don’t intend to be an intermediary.
However, I think that you can acquire a new sensibility in a religious area.
I think it is difficult to conduct economic activities in the real world of the Middle East.
Although it is not an environment where foreigners can be hired locally, the region I am most interested in is the Middle East.

Eastern Europe

I have no plans to travel to Western European countries.
Unless you have a special job offer, there is no benefit to traveling to Western Europe where living costs are high.
And now Western European countries feel the tendency to change to a multiracial state.
There will be more competition for refugees and immigrants, and there is an economically capitalized society.
So I thought about Eastern European countries.
For me, who wants to be unable to return to Japan for a lifetime, there is no disadvantage to a country with low economic power.
If you move to Eastern European countries that are relatively close to the Middle East, you can go to the Middle East.

Specific overseas destinations and their reasons

Czech Republic

The reason is that the country has a social security agreement with Japan.
Most of Turkey does not have a social security agreement with Japan, but can obtain information on Turkish acquaintances living in Japan.

It is scheduled to travel in 2022.
The length of stay is considered to be a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of 3 months.
If Czechs, Hungarians, or Turks read this blog post, please contact me.

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