Typhoon No.19

Typhoon No.19

It’s coming Typhoon No.19 to Japan soon. It will be attacking Tokyo area and tomorrow you can’t go outside all day.
Therefore I won’t be able to roadwork in early morning on this weekends. This morning I’ve had hardly training than ever.

Study study and study

I just have been focusing on education and physical training after retirement. Well I need to get know about some programming skill Javascript, and SEO.
As usual I am obeying strict routine everyday which going to study in fast-food chain store after training.

Please subscribe

I am pleasing you guys to subscribe my blog website as a blog reader. Don’t you worry about security!!!! I always paying attention to run website. Please you check SSL’s certification which sign is next to my URL yasunari-art.com, key sign is.
God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama 🐣

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