Udon life


Udon life

My dinner is udon, Japanese traditional cuisine
I have recently been eating udon
I cut cabbage, fried it, mixed it with udon, put on soy sauce and eat it
I’m eating udon like a ramen
Udon is a good food for digestion and you can get a feeling of fullness
I think that cheap food is udon in economic difficult situation
Ingesting carbohydrates to gain lipids and storing energy
My favorite food is health food and Japanese food is very healthy

Do not eat artificial seasonings as much as possible

We are careful not to eat and drink sweets bread and carbonated drinking water
It is useless to lose the temptation of delicious food that is always displayed
I love fruits and vegetables

Western food

I feel that there is no doubt that delicious foods and dishes from the West are harming the health of modern people
It is my hobby to watch document programs while eating and drinking green tea and raw cabbage
I am convinced that it is important to go against the urban teaching that consumption is a virtue
There is no exciting new food
I think that our only food is fruits and vegetables

One dollar of udon
3 liters of 1 liter soy sauce
1 cabbage of 2 dollars
One dollar one liter green tea
50 cents natto

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