A persevering weak modern person

Humans who can not stand the pain of work
The future of people who do not do homework gets darker
Homework that I did not do will not be disposed of
Homework is left over and I have to do homework

Am I incompatible with foreigners?

A man was talking about a topic about foreigners
I heard that work and taxes are prohibited in the contents of the talk with foreigners
Most foreigners heard they don’t want to talk about reality
People are only interested in fashion, food, culture, music and heterosexuals
I want to practice not only thinking about contemporary issues
I want to challenge to throw away my car and to live without using a microwave oven or gas
Should I just enjoy life?
Should I just have sex and make a child and work?
Are creations boring?

1 Make a movie ticket fee for two days
2 Make a ticket for the concert a rent
3 Make donations to the restaurant meals
4 Make gasoline and maintenance costs of a car into real estate investment costs
5 Turn liquor into juice
6 Turn cigarettes into cigarettes
7 Convert newspaper articles into Yahoo news, Google news and blog articles

I want to date my favorite person
A promise for a date with a lover next Saturday
However, love is a temporary pleasure
I want to bring people to a happy place but I am not popularized
My future task may be to popularize
I feel that seeking love is more popular than seeking wind

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