Uncelebrated principle


Uncelebrated principle

What is important for birthdays, weddings and gatherings?
People are trying to make memories.
My final destination and eternal theme is the afterlife.
We recognize that things are universal.
You have to understand that seeking joy seeks sadness and anger.
Do not have the desire to share the joy and excitement of others.
Seeking sadness can reduce the stress of misery.
I feel that there are many people who have a depressed life while feeling a headache.
While walking on a windy day, people play online games and watch movies and dramas.
Eliminating jealousy is the most important thing and I think it is a solution.

The problem occurs again

There are problems that occur every day and the amount of problems is increasing.
I feel that the problem is increasing every time I meet my desires.
She spends money drinking, eating and talking with friends to spend at parties.
There are people who cannot ignore the desire in front of them.
Crowds and successful people are said to be justice, loneliness and losers are evil.
Growth begins when you stop breathing, stop working, and look at the crowd.
I am looking at a person who is looking for a pleasant feeling.
But you have to come in the morning and go to work or school from Monday.
There are many people who go to parties for status and honor.
I love those who are suffering from the challenge.
Once you have learned the taste of physical pleasure, you cannot regain reason.
It is dangerous to seek success.

Physical pleasure

People who want to get excited attend the festival.
She enjoys meals and conversations and seeks later suffering and conflicts.
Some people continue to buy entertainment industry products to escape the problem.
I’m convinced that sleeping is the best way to heal the heart.
I want to say that it is important to sleep once and rest your brain once your thinking power slows down.
An anniversary doesn’t make sense, it’s just a day.
All you have to do is notice that you’re living the same day.

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