Unchangeable personality

Unchangeable personality

The human character does not change.

Firstly I don’t want to be a person who follows the same behavior pattern all the time.

And I want to learn from past mistakes and be optimistic about the future.

Therefore I want to do a good job.

Well I don’t want a bad job.

You know I can’t continue to work even if I do a bad job.

It doesn’t make sense to keep changing the job you don’t like.

So I think that we should get a good job to obtain the skills and experience to learn.

Stop thinking for over 50 years

Homecoming to advertising and several sheets of letter to the apartment of the post had been entered.
A letter of invitation from the church, a flyer from the telephone company, and a flyer from the vocational training guide for caregivers were in the post.
It wasn’t the postman who put the caregiver flyer.
Because it is not a town flyer, you can identify the criminal.
I told my parents that I was going home.
I was able to immediately identify the man who put the nursing staff of flyers to post.
It ’s my parents.
I feel anger against the parents to promote the work of the worst working conditions.
I would be glad if you put $ 100,000 in your post to study abroad.
Stupid they don’t understand the current Japanese society or the trend of the future Japanese society.
It doesn’t mean to convince the old parents who are over 60 years old.
I realize the horror and foolishness of a long-term stop of thinking for several years.
It has become a human who can no longer understand the essence.

Group consciousness

Japan is a capitalist state, not a capitalist state.

So Japan’s educational style is socialist.

The concept of no individualism strong collective consciousness Japanese different from Westerners.

No I can’t stand the Japanese temperament.

I want to live in a Western society that respects the will of the individual have a personal consciousness.

Huhh.. I play an outsider in the collective society of Japan.

All the surrounding people are robots that are brainwashed by Japanese society.

Don’t you worry about it!!!

Life that can be changed

I have to move overseas to change my life.

You cannot change your personality, but you can change your country.

If you can’t match the customs and policies of the country where you live, you have to move abroad and escape.

I think anyone can change their life.

I am not going to change my family insulation.

A so-called family is a Japanese who has a Japanese concept.

Reconstruction of human relations is a couple of reuniting after the divorce to thing difficult but few.
What can be changed is the country, work and relationships.

I think with its own optimal country that we should start the first information collection in search of work and human relations.

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