Uncompleted and reasonable

A human being buried in a crowd

No one knows where the presence of myself came from

There are many people in this world who can not understand the fullness of daily life at all

I remember that it was only recently that I understood that human desires are unreasonable

Human’s best condition is exhausting

I was deceived in the word that everyone is seeking for happiness

As the shape is formed, its shape collapses as time goes by

Should we find it important to find a way to live in the city?

A lonely living wolf never hides a lid without any premonition

I think that we do not endure patiently under certain conditions, but each person’s values are different

Just enjoy enjoying while you are alive Enjoy who is alive when you are dead Last time you do not regret anything

Do you want to go to heaven or go to hell?

People try to protect themselves by hurting others

I hurt my pride a little while ago

I assert that I am a low-profile person

My life is not worth anything

Everyone will think that my wishful way to understand the desire to die early is wrong

I want you to know that there is always sorrow after pleasure

I think it is natural that human beings want it but what if it thinks it is unnatural I am very interesting

I was aware that I was doing this work by fate somewhere

Someone told me I wanted to know how unhappy it is to compare with others

I still remember clearly that what a favorite person told me to take care of in the future

Unfortunately most of the world is bound by Satan

I myself do not know if there is any meaning in keeping a bicycle

I wonder if I can finish this life without emotion

What is it that you ask for something excitement in a calm environment

Where you come from the energy that a person comes from may be the power to relax the mind and body that sleeps deep inside the heart

It is rather difficult to judge whether anti-organization matters are good or bad

I do not know whether the idea that there is no choice but to live any more is not a good idea

There are lots of people who are truly stupid to think something seriously

I used to think that I know that sleeping with rice is the life

I do not want to think separately that understanding is important to everyone

I do not want to think that myself is the most unhappy person in the world

It is wrong that people asking for something who are drawn to a pure feeling are different

I calm down a bit and I have something to think so I decided to sleep here

I think that there is no use no matter how much I live anymore It is an undeniable fact that I enter there

If people in the world think that it is not that I knew the unhappiness of others, I can not have the expectation of this world

With the feeling that it is fun and the life that is only painful I am always thought for by something made me think

I want to tell God that how much trouble you will have if you suffer

God is a demon if you think there is more suffering and sorrow at the end of suffering and sorrow

People in the whole world do not know my presence

I am just happy if there is the fact that no one has read this sentence

I was thinking of doing something for myself

It is normal for people around the world not to try to help me anybody

I can not answer even if it is told what I want now

I do not want to die, but I do not want to go forever

It is also true that I just do not want to say it to words

I think that the heart rate of a susceptible child rises steadily

Someone told me that I will reflect on my reflection but I do not know what to do

You can do something you want to do and send a life to escape from suffering

I can do something I want to do and send a life to escape from suffering

Keep the time of suffering to a minimum and the later time should be a fun easy time

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