Universe, philosophy and art


Universe, philosophy and art

The biggest theme of life is assumed to be the universe, philosophy and art.
And the greatness of hundreds of years old is also wonderful.
Pursuing splendor is very moving.

Unnecessary phrases

3.development of

To gradually eliminate unnecessary phrases and think about the universe, philosophy, and art in a quiet space at night is to live.
The flow of their desires and schemes does not stop.
They are them.
However, in order to prevent tooth decay, let’s imagine the tooth decay bacteria.
The presence of pathogens, grim reaper and virtual monsters warns us.
If you witness an unnecessary phrase, I want you to crush it in an instant by philosophical theory.

Universe and life ± 0 theory

People born with negative factors are motivated to win in life.
But the negative factor is the condition that cannot be wiped out for the rest of your life.
Did you want to be born with a negative factor?
On the contrary, it is difficult for a person born with a positive element to live a life like the main character of a moving movie.
I can’t be a performer who goes up to the stage from a bystander and is in the limelight, but it has a positive factor.
Human beings born with positive elements can easily become happy if they realize the true state of happiness.
You can see that by watching a Youtube video of a small family living in the English countryside.
When I think about the mystery of the universe, I think about the mystery of the course of life in equilibrium.
I recognize that living on the planet Earth is universal, is that correct?
Due to the recent pleasant climate, I can read and recall in one room in the afternoon.
It’s hard for me to spend a warm climate.
Does having a dissatisfaction factor with your home country itself have a negative factor?
It depends on individual perspectives.
Looking at the quiet night sky in the countryside, I imagine the life of immigrants to the moon and enjoy it.
But when I learned about the specific problems of other planetary habitability, I was depressed by the many negative factors.
It is important to remember that the theory of life ± 0 is the same in outer space.

Philosophy and art without answers

Is it useless to think of an unanswered question?
I think the activities of human beings who are brainwashed by vulgar customs are useless.
It recognizes that not thinking is a good act and an activity.
I feel the emptiness of the universal cycle of eating food again after constantly excreting.
And so I’m going to buy tomorrow’s meal at 7pm.
This act itself is a universal cycle, and I hate it very much.
Are there any creatures other than humans that are not enough?
I’m not tired of using question marks as punctuation marks.
However, you can make a general prediction before turning the question of the problem of modern society into a punctuation mark.
And every time the prediction is correct, he calls himself a fool who has forgotten that they are stupid.
My existence has been reproved while writing this blog post.
Information may be sent to prove its existence.
There is nothing intangible and useless in philosophy or art in the minds of those who are obsessive and satisfy their desires.

It’s good to be silent

The solution is to say nothing.
And I think it’s great for others to work silently.
The value of mass-cluttered information is less than our excrement.
However, I still feel satisfaction and justice in the field of vision that is moving when I am running with a bouncy breath.
I don’t want to put a burden on animated characters these days.
That’s why I didn’t remove the lines from them.
Humans express a depiction in which they naturally feel that their reticence can prevent the problem at hand from getting worse.
It is exactly as stated in the philosophy book.

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