Unmarried person


Unmarried person

Firstly, I would like to explain the characteristics of unqualified ineligible people

  1. An introvert
  2. Person who is not newly physically superior
  3. People from general households

Basically it can be asserted that introverted humans should not get married. Pretty much if you make a family, you are inevitably required to build human relationships and you will be forced to live a diplomatic life. If you think intelligently about marriage, you will not get married like this and get married. The extreme point is that you are seeking marriage by the instinct of a life form that you want to leave descendant. I know more than anyone is miserable as the result of an introverted marriage that made a lot of children married. Love is a sort of drug that seems to make human beings cause loss of reason or blindness. The impulse to want to be in love with somebody understands the impression and the wonderfulness of being loved by people but it is really mental burden to actually marry and make children and live together.

There is high thinking ability and artistic as a condition that introverted men get married and not fail. High knowledge, experience and socialization are required for winning in competitive society. I think that it is right decision to divorce after reflecting on the mistake of marriage. It is irresponsible to live without thinking about the future by saying a beautiful thing and you will have to bear the burden like debt in the future.

My parents are just introverted people and I was born and raised as their children and it is an agreement which I understand. Personally I think that married life is not just a communal life but a life that can keep on loving. It is difficult to make perpetuating love while living in a severe real society I am pessimistic about marriage. In order to make a personal opinion on marriage it must become lonely for a certain period to think the essence of things.

I think that it should be interpreted that it is impossible to basically change the personality to be opposite in theory although it is a good story to become a diplomatic person as soon as introverted person gets married.

In the case of my parents I believe that children have been made due to extension of pleasure of sexual activity. It is important not to make absolute existence so that parents can be worshiped with God.

I am convinced that we can always succeed if we consider this harsh reality society that does not change universally preferentially. It is necessary to recognize that marriage itself is a very serious thing and become a joint responsible person automatically when married.

Characteristic of eligible marriage person

  1. Diplomatic human
  2. A family member who has made goods
  3. People with lots of friends

I think there are roads that we should not choose and paths we should not go on and each person has a matching path and we should think of it to work reasonably in order to proceed in  the proper way. You must not be swayed by the public.

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