It is very difficult to feel happy in an unselfish life.
Boring days are the norm, and I’m suffering from the lack of problems.
Understand the mental state of people who are in painful work for their desires.
However, I am trying to solve the problem so that I can respond well when the next problem occurs.
I am grateful for this poor life.
Keeping one’s own mental state up is a very inhuman way of life.
I am thinking about various things in a quiet place, running away from all sources.
Well I would like to think about the popular nature, the meaning of loneliness, the meaning of life, and the essence of human beings.
However, humans are getting tired of it.

Human talking in front of the camera

Sometimes there are moments when people look humorous about their actions.
Life forms other than human beings are ridiculed by humans when they have low intelligence.
However, the essence of life can be thought of as killing the boring days.
Since everything is universal, there are no impressions or miracles.
Various people are active on Youtube.
I’m a member of myself.
But in my case, I’m just showing the animation image.
I’m not describing the surface of myself.

As you get used to it, it will be a severe evaluation

In order to be unselfish, we need to learn theory and humans.
After all, every time people get tired of it, they want the next stimulant.
Some people are temporarily crazy about new things.
But fun and excitement is unusual in life.
You can recognize that sadness and loneliness are normal and reassuring mental states.
Even after seeing various human beings, after a few days they start to get bored.
And things in the past become the measure to evaluate.
The standard value of the object to be evaluated becomes higher and higher.
After all, there is a strong tendency to feel distressed in daily activities and stop activities.

Walk silently

I want to keep silent.
And I think we should continue to strengthen theoretical armament without saying anything.
That will be the future self-defense of life.
There are people who share videos, images and words on social media with the urge of joy.
We can understand the tendency, but the theory disappears in the excited state.
I’m constantly stressed by news reports all over the world, but I can’t ignore that.
So I think it’s best if you keep working silently.
And also I don’t speak from the beginning to make unnecessary remarks, and I want to think deeply about something important.
I just see people who continue to seek profits become slaves of desire.

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