Unstable human heart


Unstable human heart

It is important to have doubts about others.
And you should live on the premise that no one will help.
Your daily routine and small efforts will save your future happiness.
You will avoid joining the group if you understand how full you are of taking care of yourself.
I myself have been solving things with my own power.
And I recall the scene where someone helped me.
It was my duty to help me, and I’m just doing my duty.
There are no good people like God.
And you should swear in your heart that you won’t be fooled by a smile and treasure yourself.

Do I love loneliness?

You can easily recognize that others betray you.
And myself easily betray someone.
It’s self-defense, not to hurt anyone.
Humans betray others to defend themselves.
So I make an excuse later by making an excuse.
I don’t like loneliness, loneliness is natural.
Cats do not become collective action animals.
You have to deal with the harsh reality yourself in exchange for freedom.
It can be understood by looking at a stray cat run over by a car on a public road.

Greater than human

The most important task in life is finding the cause of your own life.
I am convinced that it is happy to continue pursuing the cause until I die.
Therefore, trusting other people any more is dangerous.
And I have not fully affirmed human love, and I should take lessons from religion and philosophy.
There is a danger that self-esteem will be weakened if we constantly watch other people’s movements.
I don’t know the appearance of others who are sad, worried or angry when no one is there.
The surfaced object is a virtual image, and it should be completely doubted and self-analyzed to clarify the truth.
You need to answer things later.

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