Sometimes being too cautious is not good. What to remain something is kind of certification to prove something for somebody. Thus I always try to update each pictures or movies or ascriptions whatever I want. Plus it is investing future something like effort or domestic activity every time. After learned something that I am trying to accomplish to acquire new skills or something like that. Usual people are simply consider making a living only and it must be bored work too much for them absolutely. So I would say it that firstly you gonna have to change and stifle same old styles which comes from born. You don’t have to be afraid of that. Just I can tell it that everyone is thinking about only own benefits right there. Nobody tends to make an effort if there is no benefits, profits. In the beginning of challenge that is certainly going to stumble by something. But I think we must receive rigorous training for a long time. In fact I am on my way to experiment that. So I always think of ensuring a return profits in future. Sometimes being sad is inevitable for us.
Even such a persons who’s not good at using computers is used to use majority applications which are facebook, twitter, instagram etc. There is literally no border line between expertise computer programmer and general citizens on social network business I think so.
However it’s very hard work to keep updating everyday as professional computer’s users and then sometimes it seems to be uncomfortably occupation which needs to use computer at all the times. It’s necessary to confirm subtlety job’s contents before use it. In conclusion that it should to learn and obtain skills for a while and also analyzing such as IPO, fiscal year of institutions. The wine is mature and has a rich taste for us.
For me updating things on website that is using to prove my progressions in the whole past instead of resume for getting a job. So this is not purpose of making money for me because if I suppose I will be work on SNS as a YouTube or instagramer or something like it called professional person by public people, this is absolutely not easily to making a living until be pensioner. I don’t think it is possible to do that for general people. Surely there are so many people earning on SNS in this world, but from the perspective of permanent thinker is oppose to their sense. Basically it should have some skills to making a living and viewing it as side business. I think we should not to expect that it will keep obtaining highly income for a long times.

Importance skills
1. Programing
2. English
3. Adobe tools
4. Accounting
5. Etc

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