Useful information


Useful information

Some people provide useful information for a fee.
There are many people who have established a net salon and are doing business online.
And there is a trend that the learning means has shifted from school to home learning.
I have actually studied English using a videophone.
But there are people who send valuable information to free Youtube videos.
You can get useful information for free.
In other words, you don’t have to pay to become a member of the Net Salon easily.
I know how to identify useful information providers.
There are a few distinguishing points.
Let’s take Youtube as an example.

: A small number of subscribers
: Not very popular Youtuber
: Youtuber belonging to minority
: We have a background and track record and have proved it with video.
: Only low-quality videos

The information on the popular Youtuber of the majority is not useful.
Information that tens of thousands of people learned is no longer useful.
If everyone uses that information, you can’t win exclusively.
So you should avoid Youtuber videos with many subscribers.
The mass is a group of people who have stopped thinking.
The content of the Youtuber video, a trial and error minority, is not entertaining.
The video commentary that squeezes the essence really leads to self-development.
For me who wants to know a specific technique, the entertainment element is just a hindrance.

Shocking video thumbnails are the power of video providers.
I recommend a video that explains how to live well in society.
And it adds points of low evaluation to vulgar videos such as mischievous videos.
A strict commentary video is kinder.
Judging things clearly and accepting difficult situations.
A Japanese cartoonist was saying this.
It ’s good to feel sad in life. Sadness makes it harder. ’

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