Van Gogh's letter


Van Gogh’s letter

I was influenced by writing Van Gogh’s letter. So I write a blog instead of a letter. I myself can’t be as successful as Van Gogh, but I understand that writing a letter can unify my mind. You can understand Van Gogh’s feelings that he wrote to his brother by writing various personal situations, surrounding events and life philosophies. As he was lonely, now I am a lonely producer.


I expect the painter profession to decline in the future. The name of the artist is called the creator. I recognized myself as a painter, but now I recognize that I am not a painter. It may be just an illustrator or something called an animator. I just want to keep working as an artist until I die.

Van Gogh could not go to school

Van Gogh could not go to an art school because of economic difficulties. And he studied painting almost self-taught. I am in the same situation as him. There was a time when I was struggling with studying abroad, studying at a domestic university, or studying at a college. But I have been conscious of changing my thinking and maintaining my optimistic thinking. Ultimately, I want the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from doing creative activities rather than money, fame and rich relationships.

Work in the morning, learn and unity in the afternoon

It is said that the best time for human activities is in the morning. I think so too. I had a dream this morning in elementary school. I woke up this morning because I remembered when I was in a bad school. And I thought again about efficient thinking and life philosophy. It was foolish to feel mental pain and seek stability, and I was drinking hot water while watching Van Gogh’s Youtube video after getting up. The poor labor productivity of Japanese is a world-famous story, and that is true.

Blog letter

I realized that a blog is like a letter to me. I think the reader is like a younger brother. I’m not making money on blogs. This is true. Not a lie. He writes a blog with a monthly server fee. I’m so happy because I want to be like Van Gogh. Van Gogh also did not make money by writing letters. I think I wanted to share my daily events with my brother. That’s exactly the same thing as me.

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