Various home environments

Various home environments

People live in various home environments while overcoming stress.
Adults are in a position to form a home environment.
Children overwhelmingly have no choice, voice or initiative.
Children must unconditionally concede rights to adults.
Only the rich have the right to get married and have children.
I think it’s because of my own wise judgment that I can get up every morning to start my creations or take a bath and get excited.
There are different issues between those who belong to the community and the insidious bachelor creators.
I lost the jealousy about the lack of myself in the suffering of loneliness.
While working at the shopping center this afternoon, a mentally handicapped person next door was having lunch with his family.
It was the existence of a family living in a harsh family environment.
People with intellectual disabilities are groaning much louder.
Every time I hear it, I can ask about the magnitude of the mental burden on families with intellectual disabilities.
I can’t escape from stress for the rest of my life.
And I think family love can take some of the stress of the community, but it’s not easy.
The implications of having a child represent considerable risk and mental burden.
People who want to prioritize family love and human love should have many children and be happy.
But that decision means a life of hell for me.
For myself, sounds other than orchestra and natural sounds are nothing more than stressful noise.
Nevertheless, the common-law cannot be insulated by legal procedures.
You have no choice but to deal with the problems that you have sown.

Various problems

I see people having lunch at a shopping mall.
There is still a human behavioral landscape there.
I’m tired of getting up and going to bed repeatedly for decades.
I want to change my habits, at least while I’m awake.
The reason why the same problem always occurs is because it follows the same habit.
I try to be serious before I get mentally and stressed by trivial things.
The problem for me is that I’m not worried about creative activities.
However, the general public does not even think about creative activities.
Some people are suffering from the obligation to meet their desires and the problems of the causes of fulfilling their desires.
Everything leads to problem solving by changing habits.
It’s meaningless if you don’t agree with yourself, and it’s just a memory if you don’t make use of your knowledge.
Every day the problem is traded, but I want to have a problem that can be dealt with relatively.
A problem-free life is a problem, and it is a form of unhealthy life.

Adults can change their home environment

I sympathize with children who cannot change their home environment.
And I can forgive some children’s mischief.
The urge of physical desire harms oneself, the people around him, and his own children.
However, there are many people who cannot change the home environment.
Imagine not acting before the pain of the first new habit.
Every time I get to know foreign circumstances, I am convinced that the family environment affects the well-being of life.
Young adults should gain cause, reason and philosophy without having children.

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