Vegan life


Vegan life

He continues to live a vegan life as part of measures against global warming.
He refrains from all animal proteins such as chicken, pork, beef and seafood.
There is a feeling that mental stability is being achieved by implementing the original human diet of herbivores.
Obesity prevention and antibody maintenance can be carried out in the morning cold water bath without aerobic exercise.
I eat fermented soybeans with soy sauce and tofu as soup.
It continues to discourage food purchases by ignoring Youtube advertising media.
I think hunger is the biggest seasoning.
While working in the shopping center, many people are enjoying a big lunch at the restaurant.
People in the surrounding nations where I live tend to be satiated, and I feel that there are very few vegans and vegetarians.
It is undeniable that Asians are a race that cannot accompany the elegant vegan customs of Western countries.

Don’t hesitate to shop

Imagine that the gastrointestinal tract is happy.
Soft and easily soluble foods for the gastrointestinal tract, which require considerable physical strength to release large amounts of stomach acid, are very welcome alternatives.
I admire the gastrointestinal tract as my best friend.
You don’t have to spend time shopping for a variety of menus for dinner tonight, other than worrying about the price of shopping.
All you have to do is go to the supermarket, pick up fermented soybeans and tofu, see the cheap bread and noodles, and head to the checkout counter.
There is no need to worry about anything other than creation.

The joy of spending less than $ 3 a day on food

Food costs are decreasing due to gastrointestinal contraction.
And deterring food costs under $ 3 is my greatest joy.
A vegan life can save you money, eliminate anxiety and maintain good health.
The public is convinced that it is difficult to easily implement vegan habits without ignoring the brainwashing medium.
No beverage required.
There can be no beverage other than water.
Anyway, eating is the purpose of prolonging life, and the enjoyment of the momentary taste and texture at the time of rough eating is the act of a stupid life form.
It is certain that there will be fulfilling joy after a hard time.
If weeds can be eaten, we would like to store the grass on the roadside and in the park as a stockpile.

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