Water and cabbage

My health food is only water and cabbage and does not use any commercial nutritional drinks or portable foods at all.

I had tended to be constipated for several years, but I was consuming too much lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber to improve constipation.

The cause of my constipation was mental stress and I felt that I was probably suffering from depression and getting autistic.

I often made the internal organs worse by long hours of daily work, and I often did a close examination and repeated hospital visits during work.

I was lying on a bench in the park and speaking in English in order to rest the gastrointestinal tract during the lunch break when I was not able to eat lunch properly.

I am confident that I was working with a lifetime because I was dealing with a melting furnace of 800 degrees Celsius or more in the hot air of over 40 degrees Celsius.

I had my own job options but I could not afford to change my career and I was just chasing my dream.

It is certain that I drink a lot of tap water and make my hair feel better, and I have an unusual rejection reaction to carbonated water.

One day I went to a shopping center to buy art materials at lunch break after work and bought and drank two ice coffees from a vending machine.

I started to work in the afternoon after drinking a lot of iced coffee with lots of ice.

The next day I felt intense pain in my stomach and I went to the hospital asking him to call out to work and get out of work while crouching.

I had a stomach camera examination for the next week after having a mild medical examination.

Since I had a test on Monday of the following week on Thursday that day, I had to treat for three days, but I was happy.

I was dedicated to healing my mental fatigue because I could not use the paid leave system and worked in overtime every day for a long time.

I can affirm that I have worked hard in the harsh working environment and the built environment of human relationships in a harsh workplace.

I can understand that the working class people’s escape from reality by drinking and gambling, but I never forgave delinquency.

From when I was convinced that I could never be a happy person by continuing my work, I began to think about my happiness first of all.

Defining living as a healthy body to live each day as happiness of life, I started working in the field of art in a modest life style.

The most disturbing thing is the cause of serious illness and I studied about food nutrients thoroughly with Youtube videos about our diet situation.

The knowledge that the main food containing carcinogens is fast food, snacks and processed foods is not worthwhile.

When I realized that the stomach was made of very thin skin, I became nervous against the stomach and carefully ordered in the supermarket.

Basically, the only beverage is water, and I am a Christian and I drink only red wine.

I tried hard work and wore a cage to maintain health maintenance with moderate aerobic exercise so as not to put a burden on the heart,

The public thinks that they basically do not have much thinking power when they have doubts about the information well-known in the world of commercials in the world.

I think that everyone should be conscious and live that thinking through things and judging things through group consciousness will eventually enrich one’s life.

The main vegetables are cabbage and the food that makes it easy is vegetables and fruits, which are important nutrients that help shape the body.

My vegetables are eaten with soy sauce and salt in a fresh condition.

The reason for never eating boiled vegetables or ground fruits is that they halve the necessary nutritional effects.

We cherish a series of eating tasks that chew and swallow fresh vegetables and fruits in a primitive way.

I was able to learn important things in the other hand education by watching the document program of Westerners who eat junk food only.

A person who eats junk food such as cheese, cola and sausage every day exudes a moment of eating a bite of vegetables.

My body care habit is to be careful not to make the condition worse by using eye drops after getting up or before going to bed or after going to bed.

If there is a large amount of dinner last night or dinner time is late, I will refrain from breakfast the next day, reduce the amount of lunch, or maintain the daily diet.

Basically, we do not use nutrients, but if we become constipated by mental stress, we use small amounts of constipation and herbal medicines.

In terms of skin care I slowly wash the whole body off with hot water without using body soap.

Medicinal shampoos and hair styling agents are never good on the scalp and I think that the care method of hair quality is to keep the diet properly.

Because I use eye drops daily, I go to the second month to buy medicines and I can not reduce my vision any further because I am extremely short-sighted.

Vegetable stir-fry and natto and white rice can not be changed into a variety of meal contents because I can not afford it now with my daily diet style.

No matter how poor I live in, I never eat instant food and I try to cook myself every day.

My skin has some freckles, but I think that I can remove the stains of freckles gradually by refraining from the stir-fry of fat and I am controlled.

I feel pleasant about cutting vegetables and I hate to edit videos while cooking, which is becoming my kind of hobby.

Recently, when you search for sushi on Youtube, people in countries all over the world are looking at sushi and I feel that interest in sushi is growing.

A few decades ago I remember that sushi food was not accepted by people all over the world and was only a limited luxury food only in Japan.

Once upon a time Asian food was Chinese food and Japanese food was not accepted from people all over the world.

I think that it has been several years ago that Japanese food began to be recognized as awareness of healthy food gradually grew around the world in times of satiety.

What I would like to advise foreigners is that it is not good to eat sushi sauce using soy sauce instead of soy sauce instead.

Sushi is called healthy food because it eats fresh raw fish with vinegar rice and soy sauce, and adding an arrangement loses the benefits of the original healthy food.

By continuing to eat cabbage, the condition of the clavicle and belly gradually becomes noticeable and you can feel the trust of vegetables.

When I drink a bite of water, I change clothes every morning and when I think that 80% of my body is made of water, I am conscious of maintaining water intake.

It may be that I am impressed and imitated by a gesture that a very cool Hollywood star takes a bit of water while being interviewed.

Being aware of the wild people who eat naked vegetables and eating, I may continue to taste cabbage trying to be a tarzan.

The merits of human beings that can be influenced can be adapted to adaptation, and I may have the very nature of a lamb.

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