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Also I’m opening Meetup plan, and free Japanese class as a volunteer!!
If you interesting about it, Please check it out.

Meetup from here

Japanese free class for foreigner is here

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Recruiting Youtube performers !!!!

Recruiting interviewers for my Youtube video

Application conditions

  • Appearance on Youtube video
  • Can speak English
  • Regardless of nationality


Interview video in English

Details of the plan

  • I’m an interviewer
  • One-on-one interview format
  • Shooting place is Yoyogi Park


It’s hard to say but there is no performance fee.
However, if the number of viewers and the number of subscribers are reflected, rewards may be issued.
I am not an influential person, so there is no merit in appearing.
I think it’s justified that people who are killing their time in Yoyogi Park have a trial experience on Youtube videos.

Why Yoyogi Park?

Consider an international place because it is an interview in English.
I want foreigners interested in Japanese interviews to appear.
I also want Japanese people interested in international affairs to appear.

Please apply and contact