Virtual interview


Virtual interview

I was talking to myself when I was suffering from depression.
It had very bad symptoms and was having trouble releasing the mind.
Depression is the most dangerous psychosis for humans living alone.
I have had depression causing gastrointestinal, throat and ear damage.
I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I had a candy stuck in my throat.
Also, a few days ago, I had a pain in the back of my right ear.
Since the age of 29, I have suffered from gastrointestinal illness due to depression.
I thought about prevention of depression, which is very unique.
That is a virtual interview.

Interview video

I love watching videos of interviews with my favorite people.
I want to use other people’s thoughts as a reference, and sometimes I do creative activities while listening to the sounds of interview videos.
But I’ve never had a long interview with myself.
In fact, I have the experience of talking about myself for a little self-appeal during job interviews.
However, I have no experience in asking questions about myself in detail.
I think the general public lacks the desire to interview and find out.
Anyway, reading an interview article or watching an interview video for personal development is a very life lesson.

Virtual interview

A virtual interview is the imagination of being interviewed.
Ask yourself a question by simulating the scenery you are interviewing in your head.
This will help you sort out your own spirit and relieve stress.
Answer frustrations about everyday life and world events in a virtual world.
I want to feel as if I am appealing to myself.
It’s like seeing your present heart.
Imagine yourself answering your problems in an interview format.
Then interview and ask interviewers questions.
Ask your fictitious interviewer your question and try to find a different answer.
I feel that this is useful for thinking about the story development of animation.

God is an interviewer

I ask for help every time God asks me various questions.
However, it is difficult to keep loving God who does not materialize when living in this modern society.
However, I have never been asked by anyone about life.
Everyone is not immersing themselves in the spiritual world and is just crazy about the artifacts of society.
I think the best place is an environment where you can create mental health, and things never give humans long-term spiritual pleasure.
And the pleasure itself destroys the tension of life and causes it to fall.

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