What is your source of vitality?
Today’s topic is vitality.
I yasunari’s source of vitality is increasing readers in other countries everyday. That’s true.
I am able to see my blog site’s reader statistics, PV. It mean page view.
Everyday I’m checking PV number and reader’s nation. By the way tell you about yesterday’s PV data was around 50 PV and Taiwanese, Polish, Japanese were.
Anyway I really am happy to get know foreign reader’s existence and large number of PV a day actually. It’s just simply thing that I can do social activity on social media by myself.

Life winner

What that means, life winner?
How do you feel about that?
I actually am on my way to aiming at to be life winner.
In fact life winner who has pragmatic skills and performance.
Life winner is basically owning a lot of choice. That’s absolutely prevailing people who hasn’t any pragmatic skills or performance, connection with upper class.

Advantages of life winner

  • Changing good job easily
  • Can freely change job and resign
  • The range of possibilities is as wide as the range of option

Extend a day’s possibilities with an early morning running

Spirit and body are two people tripod

I recommend you to try method of treatment, improvement.

No running no life!!!!

God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama 🦉

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