Vocational training benefits


Vocational training benefits

I had no experience using the employment information office.
Because I was not able to afford the working conditions, I had to find a job immediately.
But most of the working class work is ill-conditioned.
Anyway, it is necessary to consider a public system that can be used free of charge.
You have to study in detail to change your career and improve your career.
In order to study at a private vocational school, you must pay living expenses, tuition, national health insurance, and municipal tax.
I recently learned that economically difficult people can acquire skills for free.
I myself stopped thinking, so I learned skills on my own without using the public support system.


It is very good to study by yourself before you go to school to make basic knowledge and portfolios.
I have been working hard at home to learn my skills on my computer all day long.
Learning from someone cannot improve your thinking ability.
Rather than asking questions immediately and finding answers, I feel that I can improve my thinking ability by finding answers by myself and lead to human growth.
I am convinced that understanding the essence by knowing the cause of success and failure will allow you to self-grow.


There is a system that supports life while attending a vocational school or seeking a job.

You can improve your skills while getting benefits and get a job after training.

Vocational training benefits

$ 1000 / month, school allowance and boarding allowance

Application conditions

Applying for job hunting at the employment information office

Not being an insured employee

Must not be eligible for employment insurance

Have the will and ability to work

Approved by the employment information office

Contents accepted by the employment information office

The failure to take out employment insurance
Being paid without being able to re-employ while receiving unemployment benefits under employment insurance
Unable to receive unemployment benefits due to lack of employment insurance
Having closed out of self-employment
Graduated from school without finding a job

Payment requirements

  • Personal income is $ 800 or less per month
  • The income of the whole household is less than $ 2500
  • Financial assets of the entire household are less than $ 30,000
  • Do not own any land or buildings other than my current address
  • Never cheated within the past 3 years and received a specific benefit


I remember Van Gogh.

He began to become a painter at the age of 27, but he couldn’t go to school and learned skills by himself.

I don’t know if there was a Dutch public support system in the 1800s, but I sympathize with Van Gogh.

While Van Gogh was a painter, he received life support from his brother.

However, I think that if Van Gogh was living as a painter under the excellent public support system of the Netherlands, he could not produce a masterpiece.

I may have cherished independence until now.

People who have a willingness to work can receive solid support money and I think it is a good time.

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