Vocational training school

Vocational training school

Merits of vocational school

1 Tuition free
2 Life support during training period (limited to target users)


1 No guarantee after graduation
2 Not eligible for public exemption because it is a trainee and not a student

It is good to acquire skills for career change.
I know enough about the poor working conditions of skills-less jobs.
So when you change jobs, you should always look for a job offer through an educational institution and start a job interview.

There is a charge for private vocational schools.
However, there is a guarantee of the course after graduation and there are various services.
I think there are plenty of benefits to studying with a student loan.
But are you confident that you can pay off your student loan after graduation?
That is the question.


1 Go to the employment agency

2 Get a letter of introduction to register and enter

3 Apply with documents

4 Selection period of several days

5 If passed, enter school in a few days

You can work part-time during the training period.
You can get life support but the conditions are severe.
Basically, living expenses must be made with the help of part-time workers and their families.


I think it is also efficient to study again at a vocational school after self-study.
In this era, you can collect information and study for free on the Internet.
I want to be optimistic about the future by returning to society using a public institution.

↓ Free
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