Wait for progress without moving


Wait for progress without moving

Work in the morning does not proceed.
I finished lunch at noon and lay down on the floor.
And I read Plato’s philosophical book borrowed from the library.
Well I read a few pages and slept around 2 pm.
The time I woke up was 3:00 pm.
The afternoon sunny spot is an unusually frustrating factor.
I read Plato’s philosophy book again without going for a walk.
And when I read the philosophy book, I feel that my thinking ability is increasing.
After reading the book, I thought about things.
This repetition is a way to relieve the stress of unpleasant sources.
Until now, I have taken action to force my motivation.
It is important not to choose the same method.
I’m a little dissatisfied with the bad food, but it’s not serious.
Anyway, I have no choice but to wait for a change in the natural mood without moving.

Nordic elegance

I am disappointed with the appearance of the cities in Asian countries.
It’s a sin that has been compared to the Nordic countries.
Unfortunately, Asians are a good race for a communist nation.
Obsessions and murderous activities that must always work obediently kill hope.
You have the opportunity to watch a depiction of a home party in the Nordic countries on Youtube.
It’s a dangerous event that really makes you an idealist.
Was it better not to know?
Should I feel love for knowing?
How can we get the dignity of the Nordic countries?
How do you feel in hell, in contrast to the whites who spend their afternoons wearing sunglasses on the cool cafe terrace?
Is there no choice but to live seriously, quietly and with dignity?
Even if it rampages here, it cannot teleport to the Nordic countries.
There is a moment to think about murder in a non-free environment of insidious culture.
I wish I could destroy the temperament of this race with radiation.

Waiting for the angel to pick you up

In particular, there is no influential information that I can provide.
Useful information is knowledge that everyone does not know.
There is no better comfort than entering the spiritual world and thinking about the meaning of life.
Last October, I was sitting on a bench in an urban park and thinking about the meaning of life.
However, the lesson is the famous sentence of Murfin’s law.
There is a reason why I am satisfied that I cannot make a leap forward as a creator.
Glory is ephemeral.
And the nameless is eternal.
Money really changes human perception and values ​​when we think about how we can really feel good.
Imagine an angel coming to pick you up from the light that overflows from the stained glass of the beautiful churches of the Nordic countries.
I think the best is an intermediate person who is neither a good person nor a bad person.

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