Wanna be starting something


Wanna be starting something

It’s true that Michael Jackson’s lesson is influenced by the song of the lesson.
I like the song Wanna be starting something to get motivated to try something
I pursue my dreams with reference to Rocky theme songs and autobiographies of successful people.
For me, life doesn’t want to be just killing time, I want to make time to challenge
We are growing up in love and conflict and spending everyday life

I think I should be calm and forget about real problems and think about the meaning of living

If you feel disgusted at work, you may want to consider the meaning of living and the principle of living
I care about the favors I worry about and life is not just a fun time for me
I am convinced that the most important thing is to have a sense of hope and expectation while feeling the growth process.
I think I shouldn’t feel stimulation when I’m spending time with the same city or people, and I should feel a new field
So I am interested in the circumstances of other countries, not my own country.
While 7.7 billion people coexist, I want to meet various people and feel their life
And I want to learn by referring to something without biased thoughts and principles

On holiday mornings, I write blogs, read books and think about things at fast food restaurants

Understand the importance of self-development and spiritual unity
We are seeking for something and struggling to grow everyday and to die
Everyone finally follows the same fate as Michael Jackson died in 2009
I remember his death and I don’t think it’s bad to live with death
Anyway, I don’t want to think about only real problems and forget my true intentions or abandon my thoughts
Various human beings are living with various problems and we forget to look up at the sky

People who have forgotten to look up at the sky

One day I was looking down at the park from the footbridge
And I enjoyed watching the crowd and watching the behavior and behavior of people
But no one noticed my presence looking down
At that time I realized an important thing
It means that people have forgotten the existence of God in heaven
That everyone is looking at the things in front of you
I think I need time to look up to feel God and pray
It’s not good to forget about the existence of God and the beauty of the blueness of the sky
I think it’s important to stop life once like waiting for a signal
I think it’s important to be calm once
When I realize that the quality has declined, I try to stop my creative activities
I try to leave it to the course of nature without searching for new discoveries and expressions.
Essentially I want to give people something wonderful and want to serve
Values and sensibility change every day and I want to change throughout my life
My current goal is to create a revolutionary and revolutionary event
For example, the revolutionary music video is Michael Jackson’s Thriler
I think he was really a genius and his ideas and sensitivities were very rare

Anyway, the fun of starting something new is important

The same style and way of thinking is all about growth and change
I’m looking for inspirational encounters and events and I want to take things seriously
Every word has meaning and everyone lives for the truth
We have to go to the next new destination and not stick to the current situation
If you feel uncomfortable, just look for a new place and we can seek a liberation zone
And I think we should live with realistic goals

yasunari kayama

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