Wasting and consumption and investment

Waste and consumption and investment

I do not think that there are many people doing the act of investment when living in common sense. Looking back on my past, I have only regret and doubt. I can only feel the regret of my life, which has always been consumed and wasted repeatedly. So I think from now on I have to think about my own learning and self-growth in order not to do anything useless. I’m convinced that my life’s direction has changed 180 degrees by watching videos of self-enlightenment a few years ago. I feel that it’s good that it’s been almost a year since I quit my job, and I’m really working hard on my own investment. I am extremely struggling with job hunting, but I think that I should secure long-term future profits rather than immediate profits. What I’ve been doing up to now is to acquire a bribe to learn culture, experience and information anyway. The successful people are saying that they should invest 100% in the persistent thing. I do not intend to simply define the definition of success but I think it is good to have a good mental condition. Now in the forefront of employment, I am repeating blog posting and information gathering with Youtube videos every day and self-development. I understand that it is important not to care about the surrounding situation if you understand that it is necessary to expand the options. It is a fact that there are more ugly people in the world, and we grasp things with a broad perspective. So I’m trying not to lose my reason or lose reason in situations where I can not find a job. It was really good that I really improved after I started practicing typing a few weeks ago. The benefit is not simply to acquire material things, but to acquire skills and techniques. I think that a small amount of waste is good even if it is an act of waste. I understand that I just need to think about what to do to get intellectual property. It was really good that I lost interest in the happiness of travel leisure. Securing the assets necessary to protect oneself after all is important for living in the future world. It is not an idea to apply insurance, but that allies are their own.

It can be recognized that it is natural to have people doing side business recently

In short, I can really understand that I can not enjoy my life only with labor income. I had no experience of entering university and I was just working part after high school. I think that absorbing foreign cultures was the number one turning point in my life. So I’m convinced that taking in more new things can make life better. Started judo in junior high school, started amateur wrestling in high school, and started music after high school graduation. I studied acoustic technology, I learned oil paintings, I learned English, French, Italian and Spanish, and deepened education. And by traveling abroad, I was able to escape from the curse from the established concept. Certainly aiming for a musician was a waste and not a profit in the end. I started oil painting when I was 25 years old and I aimed at professional oil paintings. But this also ended up frustrating me and wasting my effort. As a result, I spent several years spending time and time. I think that the benefits of spiritual growth can be gained through absolute human activity. However, the most important thing to live the most is that you have to earn smoothly. It is predicted that the habit of having time to spare is nap and drinking and smoking. I write blog posts, edit videos and organize files in a coffee shop to avoid wasting time before job interviews. I think that it is the first important mind to cherish limited time. I feel that it is better to scrape my own goals with the elimination method and continue to seek the uncompromised goals and dreams that finally remain. In my case, uploading to social media is certainly not profitable. I intend to analyze myself firmly as the cause of the result. I try not to make judgments or decisions based on popularized thinking. If you try to get a job immediately and try to secure your earnings, you will eventually lose a lot and you will get a small profit. I think it is important to secure a large profit in the future by choosing a narrow and difficult road. I feel that I was really bad in the past when I took a nap in the park during my work break time. It is not wrong that the theory of temporary character produces a detracting factor. It was a great answer that I recognized that I bought an expensive laptop computer as an investment. I understand that I have made my own decisions and decisions over time. It is important to invest first if you want to get a big return.

Trying to improve life with practical knowledge, skills and achievements is the strongest method

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