way of expressing the future world

Way of expressing the future world

I need an opportunity to talk about my life philosophy with someone for a long time. I feel that something is becoming personified and changing to a virtual world. The symbol of the good old days may remain as an intangible cultural heritage.

The way of human love does not change after all

What stimulates a full stomach center becomes a diet effect. I’m wondering if I should call the problem that love stamina may be necessary to me. It is a fact that I am trying to suppress the desire to break the process before the game of boring everyday life and stress build up. Even if you are addicted to something you like, you can catch the fact that curiosity fades away over time. Human habits of clever behavior and inviting heterosexuals are cute. The shy character creates a favorable situation and I am not overwhelmed by my identity. I think that the probability of meeting the wonderful opposite sex that I met by chance is higher in the Internet world than in the real world. It makes life worse by becoming an unrealist who wants to live a romantic life. I think it’s not good to dream about love in loneliness and enjoy daydreaming. Many people are so addicted to entertainment that few people have the money and do not have large assets. If you are sensitive to trends, you will be part of the public and you can not think for yourself. It’s good to think of a way to enjoy entertainment at a small sum, not to pay the idol the object of the investment. I believe in living that I can improve my condition by living according to the teachings of the Bible. I must go back to work if I can not do what I have to do now. The place to arrive is a place of rest, and most of life is spent on sleep. When I realize that finite time is universally passing, I try to face my problem. I have a feeling that I do not want to make my future expression place an unknown virtual world. We think that it is the best if we can die to sleep quietly and we do not know whether it is the right thing to live in vain for a long time. Even if you understand the premise that two people live together, the event of disagreement always happens. What is the meaning of both keeping love and keeping loneliness? I can talk about many things from the experience I’ve seen looking like an ideal collapses. There are times when the hate of human beings who do not pass the logic is quite disgusting, but there is no alternative but to accept the destiny. There are a lot of situations where there is nothing but breathtaking surprises.

Gentle feeling to touch the skin

There is nothing inspiring to be moved by the calm atmosphere. I feel the importance of humanity when I remember the exhilaration after confronting each other and striking opinions directly. I have had the experience of running out of my way home. I feel backwards to the gap of the gap society and think about the process of equal love. I understand that it is important to stop the walk from time to time because it will be so tired that I keep being attached to living. The topic I want to argue is that it is important to maintain a balance of human love and orderly correspondence. I opened the window on a rainy day and watched a puddle. There is a need to recover from making dirty feelings clean and to have time to concentrate on recovery. I do not dream of tomorrow, but I have to live positively. Should we increase the number of offspring as the world population increases rapidly? It should be recognized that the days of eating dock food to solve food problems are all over. It is not a greed that you want to love and be loved, but as a matter of fact, can we ignore the situation in which the global environment and politics are starting to go crazy? If the things that can not be surrendered are to love or be loved, the world population will not stop growing rapidly. I think it would be nice to see a society that continues to follow desires and decays with Internet videos. Do you think that human beings’ trash is recognized as another person and OK? Can you imagine the future of us sitting in front of a desk and watching the fire on the other side? It may be difficult for modern people to create a motivation to go up from the bottom of their frustration. Sighing deeply and listening to disappointing results may be too late if we are not depressed. The good times full of human taste may be inspired by the primitive world full of inconvenience and nature. We have a feeling that we can be in a healthy state if we use nuts and vegetables as food. No one can feel the warmth of the typed and browsed characters in the computer. As a result of pursuing a more direct expression method, I gave an answer that there is only a method called video blogging. After sleeping a whole night we have a new path, and we have been alive with repeated rebirth and death. I wonder why I am so unique and not popularized. I would be glad if I could do more insatiable pursuit of life and human existence more seriously. I was expecting the future more than 10 years ago and I was expecting to defend myself now. Don’t hurt anyone even if we live in an electronic society.

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