We gonna have to absorb moreover knowledges


University Education and Social Experience

I have never studied at university. When I was in high school I was aiming to enter university as a sports student. However, I could not leave a track record. I started studying for the university entrance examination from the summer of high school 3 years. I remember well that I was struggling to finish my career until the end of high school graduation. I had been studying for a university entrance examination for a year at home without knowing what to do. It can not be denied that the values and sensitivities of the people around me have made my life worse. When I was 20 years old I was not interested in foreign countries or investment at all. I was wasting my days. But then I thought it was more important to study socially and experience socially than to study at university. During the day I was writing lyrics at the library and I was working at night. I think that it was unexpectedly valuable experience to aim at a singer songwriter seriously. I spent the days of sending demo tapes to record companies, music offices and entertainment companies. I feel unhappy that I could not aim for a musician in a comfortable living environment. The living environment of living was bad for me. It was overlooked for the family and the people around me by seeing human being lazy. I can call spending money on college tuition to be waste, call consumption as spending, and investment. It’s wasteful and consumption if you simply pay the tuition to earn a degree. It should be said that paying the tuition fee to gain practical skills that you can find a job reliably. My father, mother and big brother eventually spent time and money on college. I do not deny or agree to live my life based on thought theory. I do not think that the existence of just being a relative should be absolute. I understand that I have to live with different intelligence and emotions. I only order 1 dollar iced coffee at a coffee shop because I do not waste. I’m trying to make a profit from people eating and drinking by working in a coffee shop. I think I should not spend my time and money on eating. Working with a laptop in a coffee shop is very smooth when you want to work in tension. I think the things I can trust are achievements and experiences. And I think that the evaluation criteria of the society I feel are academic background, work history and inspiration. Recently I realized that it is necessary to firmly understand the importance of interpersonal communication. I could not get the opportunity to study my favorite subject at university. I think I have to accept the result while the chart of life is making waves universally. I was wondering if I should live for philosophical absolute index or if I should live in preference to indefinite love according to the theory of thought.

Everyone needs to stop walking, check their surroundings, get information and analyze themselves

When I was in my early 20s, social media had not developed yet. So it was difficult for me to get useful information at that time. It was a few years ago that it turned out that you could always find useful information by looking at it. Update your blog articles early in the morning and get information at the free online salon in the morning. I think that such a habit will be a great benefit later. We think that it is the key to victory to gather information and act early. For a certain period of time, I feel that it was the first step to reflect on it and to reinvent itself. Every time I see a member of society or a student in the city, I remember about the rarity. It is true that there are many more capable people than I, but few highly rare people. I’m simply interested in people with unusual personalities. I do not think that I can propose revolutionary ideas even with high memory and intelligence. I’m worried about why talented entrepreneurs and inventors are produced from the country of America. Have you ever heard that America is built in a society that will pay off if you make an effort? I do not know how Japanese companies are evaluating me. I understand that hiring employees is an upfront investment for the company. I want to be a person who can enjoy the game in a competitive society, but I think I have to be finally happy. I think I have to understand that the relationship is made of mutual benefit. The service activities for people’s daily life are social activities, and a coexistence society is established. I’m writing a blog post with the pure feeling that I want you to be helpful for someone. I’m posting Youtube videos to give some inspiration to someone. It is for someone else and also for myself. I think it is a good thing that things are progressing smoothly with synergy.

To learn is to study

Polarists are studying daily until they die. Because the act of knowing is that you are studying. Going to school to study the cost of practical and informative information and education. But you can get such useful information in a way that does not cost today. It requires a certain level of concentration to know, and we have to put out wisdom to understand. We can think that we are working hard every day. When I am in a bad condition I take a break in the afternoon and meditate. If we live in society, we have to have an unpleasant stress, and we live longer every day. Everyone is hungry for knowing no useful information or everyone knows. Everyone is hungry for gossip or stupid entertainment information. It is important to unify your own mind when you are in enlightenment. The common people who do not listen to unconvincing teachings. We sometimes need a place of rest and time. I check global news and finance daily with Yahoo News. Standing and sitting, we are all we can do to maintain our mental balance. I keep information in text and video and keep it in memory. Even though I have few opportunities to actually use information, I can not afford to miss information gathering. I am not working for a secret information agency by myself, and I can not sell anything. It can not be offered to a large number of special products or services. I think it would be better to live by satisfying the three major conditions of human happiness of food, food and shelter. Still, humans want to run away from the boring space of everyday life. I think that it was wrong to think that it was a virtue to chase dreams and goals that were separated in the old days.

How much knowledge and experience can you get to reach the highest human level?

I may be desperately starved of intangible knowledge and skills in the space of exhausted daily life. It was several years ago that I wanted to draw the borderline of possibilities in mathematical theory. If you are troubled every day, you will be in pain and will look for a silly joke. I started to seek a sense of fulfillment because I wanted to make the current color so bright. I get a sense of fulfillment by doing laundry, wiping the floor, organizing trash, cooking dishes for tonight, etc. I think that it is useful to be aware of the existence of the future. Certainly we should accept the fate that the day when it will turn into bones will come. We experience many loneliness in our lives, and we feel the unwillingness to live by falling into a situation of despair. If you gain something from knowing you may lose it. It’s a sad story and there is no good news for all humanity, the earth and God. The sense of crisis of modern people is paralyzed while murder and fraud cases are inevitable every day. I can understand the philosophy of trying to improve the money around society by doing our economic activities. It is a manifestation of a desire to know that we are curious about a city or country that we do not know. A story about leaving the space of the information society to heal a tired mind and returning to nature. Because we live by satisfying desires in a coexistence society, stress is full in society. If you gather too much information you will not be able to understand the essence and you will forget to have a big ambition. It would be a great moment for me to take a shower on Sunday dusk and make dinner a little quiet space. I used to listen to US military radio to touch American culture desperately. I had a life consultation on US military radio at 6 pm on Sunday and I was looking forward to hearing. Nine years ago I was looking for employment in the countryside without a savings yet I was just longing for foreign countries. I just went to the embassy to get the know-how on how I can move abroad. I was starving for information gathering desperately by going back and forth between the countryside and the city. In junior high school and high school days, I used the library frequently to read autographs and historical books. I often remember the existence of a sloppy who simply uses the library as a place to sleep. I’m convinced that internet blogs and Youtube videos are the only way to get free and informative information. I doubt if I get valuable information if I enter the school I have doubts. I think that the information that Japan’s labeling of educational background society still continues is certain. Actually, I have a job interview in the afternoon and am writing and waiting for a blog. If I say information that can be provided to the general public, I think it may be a loser’s mind pattern hahaha..

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