Weekday dusk

Weekday dusk

I’ve been pushing for dusk on Saturdays and Sundays.
And I just feel about the dusk on weekdays.
Monday dusk looks very lazy.
I hate the crowded people and the traffic jams and dusk on my way home.
Few people expect tomorrow to be Tuesday, and there are four days until Saturday and Sunday.
But that’s a story that people who are living a dissatisfied life can sympathize with.
It’s annoying because there are people in the neighborhood who use the vacuum cleaner at dusk.
Why didn’t you finish the housework and work between 10am and noon?
I don’t like people who get up in the afternoon and start their activities in the evening.
Don’t you think it’s one of the most unpleasant cycles?
People who have short daylight hours and are attached to the darkness of the night do not slowly see the dusk.
On the bench of the performance on weekday evenings, I associate romance with the orange sky and clouds.
The time when I can be a romantist may be at night, but in my case it’s the time when I can see the sunshine in the gap between the nursery buildings between 5 and 6 at dusk.
Weekday supper is a little more realistic and has a different appeal.
When I was working at a factory three years ago, dusk on weekdays was a difficult time before overtime.
That was trauma, and I dreamed of a life that would reach dusk every day at that time.
When I was an office worker, I followed the house of the night road every day, hurriedly bought a midnight snack, took a bath, and spent several hours in luxury.
Every time I remember an unproductive and wasteful junk life, I feel nervous.
The dusk of other countries is the same.
Some people go home, others go to work for night shifts.
The scenery of the city at dusk on weekdays is not very calm.


I had a very bad impression of the TV show on Sunday night.
Recently, I try to relax by listening to the sounds of insects in the outfield.
How about the view from outside your window?
On weekdays everyone works for weekend luxury.
I think that way.
There are days when I don’t read philosophical books.
Instead of perception, I recall and reflect on myself.
There was nothing wrong with it today, but nothing good.
Working-class people around the world are relieving their complaints on Monday morning with purchases.
So I can continue working.
If you plan to make your supper extravagant tonight, the mental burden of work at the beginning of the week will be eliminated.
It’s a repetition.
It has become a prey to the American economic model of mass supply and mass consumption.
At first, I had a hard time getting rid of the luxury of weekdays because I decided that it was healthier to seek the happiness of the Nordic countries.
Being able to meet the dusk on weekdays every day is more luxurious than traveling around the world.
They should stop pouring large amounts of high-end food into their stomachs on Saturdays and Sundays, assuming Friday is the goal.
The scenery seen from the factory window against the background of the dusk sky was really hard.

Good morning to western countries

Every time I see the dusk, I imagine the rush hour of the morning station in European countries.
Every time I see the sky in the direction of America, I remember a foreign land.
I used to work at a convenience store from 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
And I was in a position where I couldn’t go to work leisurely from home, so I was killing time until work while listening to the US military radio at a coffee shop.
I was carrying a portable radio at that time.
And I was wandering around the city looking for a way to kill time until 8 pm.
It’s been over 10 years.
At dusk, I remember when I was studying English while listening to US military radio at a coffee shop and aiming to move to the United States.
I used to take a day off from work on weekday Mondays, so I miss going to the bathhouse at dusk.
It’s an element that can really be nostalgic even at dusk on weekdays.

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