Welcome to japan



7:00 to 8:00 am -> Get up

9:00 am -> Start work

14:00 to 15:00 pm -> Finish work

22:00 to 23:00 pm -> Good night

. Edit move

. Learn and take practice photography

I decided that I am going to change routine to less time of eating, somewhat I have gained fat since last year. I suppose to recommend to let any organs take a rest. Health first for our life!!

The town where I live is not so far from Tokyo. Its almost spend 1 hour by train. So Im capable to guide foreigner Tokyo on weekly and weekend. Then also I would like to take a photograph as sightseeing there.

  1. Screen of Shibuyas station
  2. Character of Japanese nation
  3. The number of bowing person
  4. Ordinary pronounce of Japanese

If you used to use Skype, please contact me. You can feel fee to ask me anything.

+819067182789 <- my phone number

Surely it is best way to learn language that to go to language school.

But its cost for tuition fee. According to accommodation fee, else fee.

I can be your friend as foreigner. I would like to discuss about life or global problems or something like that.

Im a good person I guess. But now I am currently spending lonely time. When we grown up in this world, we cant afford to make friends because of being busier as a man. Keep in touching with friends is difficult for us. But there are couple of bad persons in this world, we must be careful of oneself from them.

[Name] Yasunari kayama

[Birth] December 9 1985

[Family] Father Mother 3 brothers

[Blood] A type

[Youtube channel] yasunari kayama

[Favorite words] Let it be, Appreciation, Smile

[Skills] Judo( junior high school ), Wrestling( high school ), Guitar( 19 to 24 years ), Oil paint( 25 to 31 years ), Web creation, photography

[Height] 175cm

[Weight] 75kg

[Foot size] 27cm

Now Im living in Gunma where is country of Japan. Honestly I dont like hometown because there is no beauty natural landscape in my town. However favorite part of town is what you can look up at sparked stars in the night.

I want to see a lot of creators whos come from anywhere to make interesting video on youtube. I hope that we all together will be making new creation in future.

Im a single now but Im not being seeker for lover. I dont know whats gonna happened to me but if someone appears in front of me at sudden, I am willing to accept such as destination from god.

[Hobbies] Koi fishes, Gold fishes, Going for walk, Watching youtube channels,

[My type] A someone whos able to make people smile

  1. Shibuya
  2. Shinjuku
  3. Roppongi
  4. Ueno
  5. Akihabara
  6. Asakusa

Once I had been to Tokyo for 5 years, 2005 to 2010, I used to enjoy Tokyo together.

I have many knowledges of Tokyos information.


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