Welcome to the working class world


Welcome to the working class world

The working class is a wonderful world.
Basically I think they are happy.
It can survive without thinking.
And you don’t have to worry about firing notices.
I want to share the wonders of the working class regularly with people around the world.
Creators must always create innovative themes.
The task of constantly turning the thought circuit will be hell.

Workplace conversation

The topic of the working class workplace is interesting.
Mainly vulgar topics.
Enjoy conversations about weekend gambling, talking about the opposite sex, talking about your own shame, and gaming applications.
skill up?
Internet business?
A side job?
Global society? Competitive society?
study? View of life? Self-enlightenment?
They are only interested in the pleasures at hand.
I think this is the happiest state.

A lot of poverty

It resulted in many children as a result of following the emotions.
I think that you can concentrate on studying in a quiet private room in the optimal environment of apartments and self-employed people.
And just put them in the queue without thinking about the future.
It is really best to be born between poorly understood parents.
My father is 185cm and my mother is 175cm tall parents.
His father is a professor at Stanford University and his mother is a modeler.
I grew up among four brothers.
The third older brother is a software engineer working as Google CEO.
His fifth younger brother is a diplomat and his eighth younger brother is a Hollywood actor.
Our family longs for the working class.

Guiding parents working class

I’ve got great teaching from my parents.
My father encourages people to study abroad and his mother recommends business to people.
But my parents are earnestly a working class position for me.
I love you so much that I want to kill your parents.
And I am grateful for inviting me to the working class world.

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