Western thinking ability


Western thinking ability

It was a few years ago that I thought that they had to emulate the thinking abilities of their Westerners at the part where they efficiently advance things. I strongly believe that you need to realize that work and study alone do not progress only by repeating the same work everyday and that it is just a wasteful work. It is good to soak in the sense of fulfillment after working over a long period of time but it is undeniable that it is not actually profitable. It is important to continue making a light schedule that allows you to continue your day’s schedule flexibly and flexibly everyday and it will be more profitable than anything else. If you do work that you think is painful it will naturally not be continued, it will end in the end halfway and only regret will be left. For example, in an artistic story, if you finish one work that is content-rich, you do not need to mass-produce it, and mass-production of a thin trash of content is meaningless work. And I’ve written blogging over and over that I need to understand the essence of things. And I’ve written blogging over and over that I need to understand the essence of things.

I think that it is a race suitable for communist countries from the essential character of the oriental as my personal interpretation. I am convinced that the character of Westerners and Asians is totally opposite, and I think that Oriental people can not incorporate the culture of Westerners. Even if we speak in the field of medicine, Western medicine is more true than Oriental medicine, for example, Oriental medicine can not fix the treatment of cancer and the Western world has developed overwhelmingly in the field of academic research. The nature of my own temperament is the difficulty to change to the thought of the Western people because the oriental people are coming and doubts about eastern philosophy and sympathy for Western philosophy are increasing day by day. I think that I always have doubts about stereotypes and there is no loss. I think that the temperament part of the character of various races probably can not change and at the same time I think that genetic recombination is impossible. I feel that colored races have longing for white people and I think in particular that blacks have longing for white people. What I felt through the media feels like a black men looks over white women as a romantic target too much. The criteria for the beautiful figures of the people of the world seems to be white looks and the eyes of every race are blond hair, white skin, blue eyes and sexy European style of influence It might be. It is true that Africans, Southeast Asians, Northeast Asians and the Middle Easterners who are aiming for North America and Europe to improve living standards are full. I feel like I want to experience the perspective and sensitivity of Westerners and I feel that I myself wanted to be born as a Westerner. It is important to keep calmly judged without being blinded, so it is meaningless simply to have longing for the West and there is no development whatsoever. The strength of admiration for European countries will not change until the day when the color race country will become a developed country. If I can improve my living standard in the Middle East and Africa and be happy I will be willing to emigrate to the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Northeast Asia nation can never be a developed country of a multifaceted state like at least the Western nation. Because the disparity in the level of the theme of the agenda is too different in contemporary society to talk about it. I do not consider how long it is necessary for the Northeast Asian state to reach the agenda of global environmental issues. Every time I am returning to Europe I feel disappointment with my country any time.

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