As a WFP supporter, let me ask you a question?

Have you ever seen WFP advertisement?

WFP is global organizational institution and do activities which help them who living in depend country, east southern countries and African countries, eat middle countries.

They all children need to have educational environment which are school and materials, teachers.

Especial thing is food for them.


All people’s economic condition on society is tight to foster own family right now and in fact I can’t afford to donate as much as richest does.

It have been embarrassing to me that it can donate only $8.5 for every month.

So far I think it won’t be able to up price of donation for every month.

But I will keep donating for this and look for other organizations or some peace groups if I’ll being well.

I want public people to empathy about what to volunteer is conveying humanity for each other.

Personally I wish I could get to there to help children for real.

Nutrition and nature pollutions

  • In fact, I only eat $ 8.5 a month.
  • I’ve heard about their children’s situation.
  • It’s not time to have lunch that is just 11 am o’clock before.
  • They are always looking forward to having lunch time everyday.
  • They are saying to us that it must delicious.
  • Do you know how many suffering children in poorest countries are?

About 8,00,000,000 is that always can’t even receive treatment.


Yemen is one of east middle nations which is near Persian gulf counties.

Population 2,90,000,00 within displaced people

Cholera crisis infected persons 1,00,0000

People who need humanitarian aid 2,20,000,00

Honestly I don’t even know how subtle this country’s misery and humanitarian disaster.

I’m thinking of support goods for them now.

What should be prayed for this is not to support them instead of sacrifice.

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