What is your next destination and goal?

What is your next destination and goal?

We must go to the next destination.
So we have no choice but to keep a healthy body and think about strategies for the next problem. Various real problems must be solved.
Surely Everyone is crazy about vulgar topics without trying to share real problems.


1 New job
2 New relationships
3 Environmental changes from the countryside to the city
4 Environmental changes from the city to the countryside

First there is no safe place to live.
Second there is no stable life.
And there is no perfect nation, and all nations have problems.
You can escape from a difficult situation, but you have to challenge.
It’s a life of repeated setbacks and challenges like repeated successes and failures.

You can see how love is cold.
There is a human who sleeps until noon.
Do not listen to lazy human words.
There is no easy way and there is no choice but to repeat simple tasks.
I have to be patient until I reach my goal someday.

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