What we accept all of fate is about to absorb something I guess.


Humanity’s fate

Recently, I often walk or take a train while living in a city, and I have a feeling that I have become a city man from a countryman. I will go to a major job recruiting agency today and will seek employment advice. You can complete the business with a video phone, but it is safer to talk and meet in reality, and it is not necessary to communicate with foreign countries, so there is no need for Skype. For now, I hope to find a job as a full-time employee, but I think that I can work as a freelancer in outsourcing work. Now that there is no custom belonging to a company, I want to make a smart decision with high potential nowadays.

Because things do not go smoothly are not simple

Certainly, I can understand why the country of America is the largest economy in the world. I feel that I do not feel that things do not go smoothly with a straightforward and complex system. I think it is important to emphasize philosophy over thought, it is time to change. I am a religious who is neither right nor left, I think as a philosopher, Oriental thought is not logical. I respect human love but I was able to be convinced that Western philosophy is more effective than Eastern thought.

I felt stressed by the poorness of Japanese companies’ application services and recruiting services. I do not know whether the response to customers with sincerity is obvious or not, but I feel that there are too many service rules and are causing bad results.

Where are the global companies like Facebook, Instagram and Youtue?

I want everyone to be keenly aware of how important it is to stop and change their lives. If we want self-satisfaction and service to others to be consistent, we have to grasp the world from a more logical point of view. The main topic is that the destiny that mankind’s fate may not be able to reverse current happenings is undeniable.

I think that the customs of the country will form the personal values and sensibility, the ethnicity will be established, and the fate of life will be decided. Different routines will make you feel uncomfortable even if you try to adopt another country’s customs. I will be able to bow naturally, but I will not be able to understand the human beings in Western countries and immigrant countries that you are overwhelmed by the act of kiss and hug.

I’m about to force attachment of the same pole of the magnet I can not attach now

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