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When I’m awake is a lie

When I’m awake is a lie

The state of sleeping is true.
The state of being awake is a lie.
I think the final form of truth is the state of sleeping forever.
There are moments when you feel the rest of your life as you count your heart rate.
There is no doubt that he is alive if he thinks of his real life in a state of suspension of faith.
But when I read a philosophy book, I get a bird’s-eye view of various things.
Everyone is still working today.
Students are still in the classroom today learning something.
The state of the human being does not change.

What is life?

God continues to put a load on life forms for the rest of his life.
It may be the inside out of love.
Considering the meaning of life, it doesn’t matter to real problems and social problems.
Having a collective consciousness as part of the community can be painful.
Is there no choice but to pray to God?
I think we should stop underestimating ourselves and humans.
There is no point in being suspected.
However, when I was traveling in real life for 35 years, I saw the appearance of others.
There is plenty of time to prepare for dying someday.
I’m thinking of reading philosophical books and good books for an eternal coma.
The lower level of mass media can be ignored.
I think that living as a human being is to become stronger with remorse.
And I have been thinking about the meaning of friction in relationships many times.
I feel that happiness is born from accepting unavoidable mental distress.

Die today

I die at about 11:00 pm.
And I read a philosophical book sideways before I die.
Die after recalling human weakness.
Going to bed can be suspected of suicide.
There is no beautified life like a trendy drama.

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