Where to stay at the Tokyo Olympics


Tokyo Olympics

Where to stay at the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics will be held next year
Many foreigners come to Japan
And a lot of hotel industry becomes busy around Tokyo
However, I think that various harmful effects will occur

I would like to propose to the tourists of the Tokyo Olympics

I think it would be better to stay in a foreigner’s house or my apartment in Japan rather than a private lodging place
Most Japanese have low English ability and can not speak English fluently
It can not be emphasized with people of closed nationality
The reason I can not afford spirituality is because I live in severe working conditions

We have to think about measures against the hot summer climate in Japan

Attracting foreigners is not easy for island nations in the Far East
I just keep developing the animation and industrial industries and keeping the nation alive
There is an advantage as the skin gets wet due to the humid climate
If you do aerobic exercise during the hot summer days of Tokyo, you can easily burn fat
I am convinced that this is the first and last opportunity to see the Tokyo Olympics
I hope that I want you to enjoy purely during a sporting event of about 20 days
Therefore I have no desire to revitalize economic activities, I want foreigners to simply enjoy watching sports
I have to get rid of it after the Olympics are over
We recognize that it is important to always predict and consider the future

You should secure one night free accommodation

Private capsule hotel and Japanese style inn are not cheap
Japanese staff who can not speak English in various situations
Well I think that it is perfect about the completeness of the air conditioning of the private accommodation area
So I should not stay at my house because I do not use any air conditioning at my house
I do not use an air conditioner because I do not want to destroy the ozone layer
I simply want to feel the hot summer climate
Even during the Olympics I work and I can not afford to watch on holidays
I just want to use it as an opportunity to interact with foreigners
I’m living without being brainwashed by Japanese mass media ideology and commercialism

I think that accommodation in Tokyo or Kanagawa prefecture or Chiba prefecture is good

If you think about the traffic situation, I think that accommodation in Tokyo Olympics should be in Tokyo or Kanagawa Prefecture or Chiba Prefecture.
And I think it is important to come to Japan after firmly grasping the fare fee
Since there are many vending machines for drinking water in the humid and humid Tokyo, dehydration can be prevented.

Here is Cool Japan website

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