Why are you living alive?


Why are you living alive?

Could you please let me ask you some questions, first?

First what is it to live?
Second what is the meaning of life?
And what are you living for?
Does it make sense to stay alive?
Should we stay alive?

We are alive

I live with my fate to die someday
We feel joy, anger and sadness every day
So We face problems every day
And then We are trying to solve the problem
I mean that We play games every day

That feeling is alive

Why are we alive?
We live because we want to feel something
You know I can feel it because I live
I think it’s wonderful to live
It is cool that you do your best
And I want to grow while feeling something from now on
I don’t want to die anyway, I don’t live, I just want to live

Well I have a bad thing every day
I feel stress every day
A sad event happens every day
I feel jealous and painful every day
But we forget the important things
We are always forgetting the essence
I think we should live thinking about the essence

The shortcut for success is to go round

I think that the law of success is to go round
I think that I will not succeed if I get a shortcut
A brief debut with music will bring you a short-lived musical life
It means that you should take the risk that you can not make a debut and aim for your debut
Recently I have pursued the essence of things

I feel that it is essential and everything

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