Why do you have to stay alive?


Why do you have to stay alive?

Why are you alive?
What is your answer?
You won’t be able to answer immediately.
I can’t answer immediately either.
The reason is that we have not established a clear outlook on life.
I don’t have the perfect theoretical armament.
And I’m just eating for no reason and I’m curing my illness.
So I’m simply afraid to commit suicide, and I haven’t reached the mental state of thinking about suicide itself.
I’m just doing my best about myself, without looking at others.
Tomorrow morning will wake up the same as this morning.
When I read a philosophy book recently, I have questions about things and criticize the world.
Things don’t get done.
I feel like I am living with fatigue.
We are on the sidelines of daily coverage of news of global infectious diseases, refugees, political conflicts, climate change and natural disasters.
It seems to have dirty food in his mouth.

My life is 10 years later

They seem to want to enjoy the luxury and die.
I can’t have that desire because I don’t have the money to be extravagant.
I’m just focusing on controlling my life.
I’m reading a philosophical book during a demonstration in the world.
That is a fact.
Will that action really pay off?
Every time I see people who get tired and go to work, I love liberalism.
The idiot of a liberal and creator who is close to moderateism is me.
See foreigners enslavingly consuming and pursuing fun.
I see their future as universal.
That’s not interesting.
And they will downplay me.
But my life is 10 years from now.
I am convinced that the future world structure 50 years from now has not changed.
That’s not what I expected if the luxury guys throw away their luxury cars and ride their bikes.
However, I do not recommend having a sense of anticipation for the future.
There is no choice but to devote all our efforts to thorough self-management.
The population of 8 billion is within 5 years.
Imagine the carbon dioxide emitted by 8 billion people and the forests that died in the wildfire, and you can imagine the predicament of the future.

Live to feel

1.A painful sensation.
2.A painful sensation.
3.A sad feeling.
4.A feeling of anger.

Tension, anxiety, and fear are proof of a strong living.
Humans live to feel something.
I recently learned the famous lines of an old movie.
It’s an art theory.
Are humans alive to eat?
The answer is no.
Humans live to be impressed by seeing wonderful pictures and listening to wonderful music.
Getting up, eating and sleeping is not the meaning of life.
The words from his naive sensibility are clearer than school moral textbooks.
I want to give something to someone.
It is possible to get a sense of happiness in the position of giving something rather than in the position of receiving something.
In other words, to feel joy.
There must be a sense of purpose to give.
I am devoting myself to creative activities with the feeling of giving someone a present.
Human beings can be happy if they have the consciousness to give.
It is good to live with altruism, self-sacrifice and moderateness.

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