Work / hobby / family

Work / hobby / family

There are three options.
You must choose only one of three options: work, hobby, or family.
Which one do you choose?
I may have finally chosen my hobby.
Arrogant people choose everything and try to balance it.
But I think it will give half-finished results.
I’m watching a Japanese paid channel called D life.
And overseas dramas are aired, and I am careful not to be brainwashed by the virtual world of the entertainment industry.
Good luck Charlie
Good wife
Big bang
The good doctor
Disney dramas….

The best choice is work

The best choice is work, but I don’t choose work.
If a person with a strong desire for money always wants to work like a game, he selects the job and thinks it is the correct answer.
Soft engineer
Securities company
Binary options


I choose a hobby.
There is a strong desire to do whatever he wants because he doesn’t care about income.
In my case, I set up a blog, write a blog post, post a video, and share it on social media.
My blog revenue and video advertising revenue are zero.
I still do it because I like it.


It is a choice for diplomatic people.
However, I think that it is a difficult choice considering the modern trend.
Since Japan and Hong Kong are aging societies, children will face difficulties in the future.
I think the person wearing a wedding ring is wonderful.

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