Work is everything


How to make your work fun

I am convinced that it is important to make holidays

1 Life saving
2 savings
3 Lunch is salad
4 Secure funds for your next dream

It is best not to be able to waste money on holidays as a result
The notion that holidays are boring is the best
I can recognize that it is the time to get a good job

In my case, I do not own a car or a bike, and even hesitate to pay a train fare
I am always careful about my health
Saving money will be reduced by extra medical expenses

5 I will not go anywhere on holidays
6 Eat bad food on holidays
7 Do not use the air conditioner in your holiday home
8 Do not move your body while spending a holiday

Anyway, it is important not to give myself a mental pleasure or physical fulfillment on a holiday
Looking forward to work on the day of holiday by making it the worst
It is important to create the desire to work

Wish to work

I can not watch youtube videos all day long
It becomes painful when I spend it all day at home
And by committing to work or company you can get the best time to kill
Consume time to kill
Get income and kill time
How to kill time of life
Consuming is not a virtue but a foolish thing
It doesn’t have to be consumed like a pig and become ugly
I think it is important to keep the hungry spirit like a wolf

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