Work with muscle exercise


Work with muscle exercise

Rock musician.
Pop musician.
American football player.
There are many jobs that use extreme muscle exercise.

I want to ask everyone here one?

What is your favorite thing?

And how long do you keep doing your favorite things?

I watched a video of an American woman working as a dancer in New York.
She is an artist and a professional dancer who is over 30 years old.
And she is studying dance while paying $ 500 a month for dance lessons while working eight hours as a waitress.

I don’t want to deny others.
Nobody thinks they have the right to deny the way others live.
But there are things that can be more objective than objective.
As I continued to ask myself, I chose to be a blogger and animated video creator.
How long will I keep doing what I like for everyone? Ask yourself and ask yourself.

If you keep taking social risks over the long term, you will have to suffer social damage later.
It’s nice to prioritize your dreams and romance over the real world.
I think I should enjoy this one-time life.
And I think it’s important to have a little obsession to succeed.

Active players over 50

I have never seen an active professional boxer who is over 50 years old.
Have you ever seen an active professional basketball player or an active professional soccer player who is over 50?
How many active rock singers are over 60 without sacrificing quality?
I do not deny self-pride, but rather affirm it.
I respect those who are trying something.
Making a new record is really romantic.
But human cells are mercilessly declining.

Cells gradually stop regenerating

Consider an American woman living as a dancer in New York.
What if she gets seriously injured?
She lives freelance and does not have social insurance.
Her savings are $ 10,000.
Do you finish active duty? Change of dance coach? Establishment of professional dancer training school?
Certainly there are various paths and options.
But what I am most particular about is that I am active.
I think the happiest thing is to keep trying as an active player.
As young dancers come out one after another, she has to keep auditioning with young ones.
What about the consequences of keeping using the degraded body?

I’m working hard to keep my position until I die.
It is hard to keep looking at the computer monitor or holding the pen.
However, from my point of view, it is not difficult to live as an active blogger or illustrator even if you are relatively elderly.

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