Anyway, I will go to work

1 First I do not want to think that I hate going to the company
2 Second I do not want a holiday
3 And I want you not to work for a salary
4 So I want to keep working and keep away from difficulties
5 I want to fulfill my mission without stopping my work without complaining

You know It is important to go and work at a company
It is really difficult for lazy people to get back into society

Mental weakness allows compromise

Firstly I’m hurting all human relationships and facing problems
And I am thrilled that I use the body to serve in society
I’m dreaming and working hard even if I have anxiety or complaints
It is not good to use last month’s salary to seek spiritual peace

My life is broken

However, I go to work and work, accept complaints and suffer from human relations
I think that it is better to give up if there is no escape
Taste the wonder of repeating the same task

1 Well I am satisfied with running along the same working route and following my hometown
2 So I do not have the desire to do adventurous business
3 You know I just think about things and move my body
4 I do not think that something is wrong

The flow of this town has not changed

1 I may be committed to the ultimate supplier
2 General people can not be a dreamer
3 Emotional persons will not be an ideal house
4 I want to be a really realistic man
5 People do not mind being interpreted as a dumb man
6 I’m tired of meeting my expectations
7 They do community service, artistic activities and creative business for self-satisfaction
8 I am an incompetent person
9 I am a low status person

I don’t mind being killed by someone

We are tired of relationships
I’m tired of my efforts to make my dreams come true
I am tired of serving a community as much as they do
I am tired of having fun, haha
And free me

I want to get off the stage rather than fall into the theater of life
However, I do not admit to self-harm or commit suicide
I would like to live tomorrow systematically rather than live stronger

Thank you

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