Workers around the age of 70 working late at night


Workers around the age of 70 working late at night

I am sure there will be an era when I have to work until the age of 70.
Living with a sense of crisis while feeling the transformation of modern society.
I feel I have to build my assets before I become an elderly person.
So I think I have to prepare for my future while feeling the stress of everyday society.
I always write a blog post early in the morning, but I can’t work at home. So I can’t find a coffee shop that is open late at night.

You can see old-age workers working in urban road construction late at night

They work to live a life. They probably won’t receive a pension, don’t get welfare, and can’t live with a small pension.
There will be few elderly people who have an elegant pension life, and the way of life of elderly people in Japan is terrible.
Well I feel that pension life in the city is a hell. There is a sense of crisis in the living state of homeless elderly people living in difficult life.

I strive to lay the foundation for my life as soon as possible

So However, considering the essence of life, I think human activities are stupid.
I think it’s normal to seek stimuli from daily boring life rhythms. However, I feel stressed in the state of thinking stoppage of modern people. People who do not use advanced Internet information are stupid. The public doesn’t use it to obtain valuable information for free. People who are wasting to relieve stress due to social labor conditions feel they do not understand social slavery. I need patience and some stress in my life and I think humans should experience frustration and failure. However, humans should learn lessons because they are highly learnable creatures. However, the public repeats stupid behavior and does not try to correct the trajectory. I can cultivate reason by looking at young people and the elderly. In other words, you can feel a sense of crisis when you see their thoughts stopped.

You should maintain a standard of living rather than relieving physical pleasure stress

I feel stressed about the tendency to seek luxury every time I pay. I think that you should save without changing the routine and study something.

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