Working time and pleasure time


Working time and pleasure time

There is a reason to work eight hours a day.
He does a lot of unpleasant work a day for family life expenses, entertainment expenses and insurance.
I’m not pessimistic about investing my time of 8 hours for a company or society.
What should I pay for my labor?
People are spending money to relieve the stress of everyday hard work.
It also plays a role in improving the blood flow in the economy of society.
How much is the pleasure time for a long pain of 8 hours?

Pleasure time

Mental pleasure is of very short duration.
After delivery of a new car.
After dating a lover.
After new construction.
All mental pleasures have an end.
The period of mental pleasure is less than half a year.
If the human life is 10 years, you should frequently seek mental pleasure.
Because it is short-lived.
However, the lifespan of modern people is around 70 to 80.
Should I spend hard time for short pleasures?

No good story

Certainly I get a job scout email.
It’s a scout email from a foreign-owned company or a major company.
But I didn’t reply at all.
There are many reasons for it, but in the end, every result has its cause.
And no one does business with a volunteer spirit.
It suffices to consider the relationship between the person who uses it and the person who uses it.
Shortening the working hours and lengthening the pleasure hours can ruin life.
You have to be vigilant that this is a life trap.


I don’t talk to people with children for $1000 a month.
And he has compassion for the position of humans with children.
There is a chapter in the Bible that promotes singleness.

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