World after death


World after death

What happens if you die?
I think the biggest mystery is the afterlife.
There is a constant debate about heaven and hell and the border between nothing.
I think of death in the emptiness of life.
Most people are pessimistic about death.
I think that people who see death as fear are normal.
But in my case, I see death as an eternal world.

There is no death world or ghost

There is no heaven or hell.
And I’m sure there’s no ghost.
They just don’t exist when they actually die.
There is no emotion, no feeling or no thought.
Now we have to think, feel and suffer.
Everyone makes various decisions and acts in the torments of life.
There is good and bad, but the original human stupidity is normal and not surprising.
I am convinced that there is no world after death.


If you have a postmortem world, your emotions are forever.
Eternal space is my biggest theme.
Want to live forever?
Want to think forever?
Want to be forever?
I think eternity is scary for me.
So I am relieved in the eternal state of nothingness and the existence of nothingness.
There are emotions there.
And that feeling is hurting us.
I think that freedom from that feeling is heaven.
In other words, nothingness and existence are nothing but heaven.

Good deed

Good behavior can give you a sense of fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.
I realize that’s all.
If doing good is to go to heaven, it is not good but hypocritical.
Society is beautifying things by saying hypocrisy and beautiful things.
There is no miracle, just an event.
What is good deed, crime, bad deed, and encouragement for?
It is all means of self-rescue.
Humans who can properly use knowledge and emotion can distinguish between good and evil.
There are no good or bad in nature.
It’s just that humans are meat.

Optimistic about death

If you are pessimistic about life, you can be optimistic about death.
Conversely, if you are optimistic about life, you have to be pessimistic about death and fear.
All of the causes of fear are the pleasures of life.
That’s why I always live lonely and keep my sadness.
Seeking grief is the first step out of fear of death.

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