How large size is your vision right now?
Short-cut thinking is not good for us I think.
In my case that I had tried to get IT job business in Tokyo while I have been staying at Tokyo until this month since from March in this year.
But things is not going to through it as I guessed.
In conclusion, I couldn’t get IT’s job because I haven’t any degree of institutions which are firstly university, college, also technical school before job interview.
My final education is high school and I had never taken IT examination or appropriateness test.

Burned out

I have thought a lot of things after gave it up.
And I remembered of goals for overseas expansion.

I don’t want to end my life in a small island country

I don’t know how to explain about my current motion.
However I have to get so many knowledges and taking experiences of failure.
Genius has borned to crazy, somebody said that if want to make successful, be crazy, Genius is originally strange person and thinker.

Travel funds and skills

There are two necessarily things for me. It’s simple.
Preparing travel funds and skills.
I still not making decision where my next destination in future.
I actually boring and can’t feel stimulation in Tokyo, and Japan nation.


What I want is readers and viewer.

Could you please do me a favor?
I want you to subscribe my blog and youtube channel.

My current task is professional sites management skill to make dream come true.
I think I had kept amateur consciousness so far.
I am about to provide you good informations everyday.

My primary goal is to gather a worldwide audience for my this website.

yasunari kayama 🐜

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