Worst vision


Worst vision

It is beneficial to live with the worst vision.
It’s not just my own personal story.
You may have to work until you are 80 years old.
Or the chances of a homeless old age are not 0%.
However, there is no need to think about the specific living rhythm and living environment of the homeless.
In a city full of seawater, everyone would live in a stilt house.
I think homeless people and pensioners will share unknown issues there.
And I am doing creative activities while watching the confession video of the deceased.
It is true that there are people who have various values ​​and judgments and seek justification.
I have denied my existence.
Well I didn’t want to be born, I’ve been denying myself.
So I hated my parents when I learned that my appearance and low-value abilities were all the cause of my father and mother.
I’m happy not to see my parents forever.
I wanted parents I could respect, and I was a liar and cowardly human child.
If my worst vision model is me, you have to recognize me as a bad person.
I was disappointed with the ugliness of my appearance and tried to give up everything.
Just sleep overnight and you’ll be motivated.
That would have prevented my suicide, and I will continue to despair and hope.
Nowadays I don’t have to go to the shopping mall anymore.
The temperature became low and the situation was established where I could continue to do creative activities in my house.
However, the noise and noise of the city are still noisy.
Youtube videos of extreme weather events and natural disasters caused by global warming have been uploaded this week as well.
There are too many people who are aware of disasters in other countries like other people.
The temperature on weekdays is around 20 degrees Celsius and the conditions are good for running, but I can’t sweat.
Every year at this time of year, I remember my one-month stay in Manchester, England in 2013.
The view of the highway from the cold airport and the return bus from the airport to my home was beautiful.


It animates a world where the Arctic and Antarctic ice has completely melted.
I feel that the progress of animation production has become much faster.
Have you ever experienced a situation where it is difficult to drink water unless it rains?
By the time it becomes a reality, I’ll be around 50 years old.
I want to express the regret of human beings surviving in a city full of polluted seawater.
And I want to draw a future person who feels regret for the past when he drove a car.
However, I would like to give priority to the future of people in African countries.
It wishes the good luck of the poor Africans who don’t emit greenhouse gases.
All developed countries were flooded and collapsed by the sea.
Africans evacuating to the highlands of Kilimanjaro want to portray their hatred of humans in developed countries.
It means my own afterimage.
In a world of hell filled with seawater, creative activities, sports and economic activities will not be possible.
I think each attitude exists in the worst situation.
A person who has a sense of crisis about the future and has assumed the worst vision will deal with it well in the future.

Unsuccessful activities

Very early morning creative activities have become difficult.
I opened the window and stopped going to bed, but the cold floor made it harder to get up.
And I’m always waking up with something serious.
If the form of concern for society was to check the daily coverage, I stopped checking the daily coverage.
Society isn’t the only thing that’s not going well.
Why isn’t the punishment for murderous human beings going down?
God is working on humans.
In other words, the best way to understand and understand is to voluntarily realize that an individual is important.
The worst vision cannot be drawn in good condition.
You should draw the worst vision when you have relatively normal feelings.

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